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Other Events at Edwards Activity & Sports Center (Telfer Park)

With all the work involved in setting up the courts at Telfer, it was decided to hold more than one tournament to make it worth while. The Wisconsin State Club Team Tournament is run on a similar format to Team World with 4 person teams representing various clubs around the state. By dividing the firled in to several classes it is possible to run this tournament in one day (Saturday). The following day it was decided to have a sanctioned singels tournament, called the Beloit Encore. Both events proved to be very popular. About the 3rd year the Beloit Encore drew 152 entrants from roughly a 400 mile radius. This turned out to be the largest one day tournament on record. It also turned out to be a very long and grueling day for the people running it. In order to take some of the pressure off it was decided to make this a two day event, one week later. This left an open day, the day following the State Team event. A suggestion was made to the State Association to use this day fir a State Doubles Tournament (A first for Wisconsin) provided the State Association would run it. They took us up on the offer so now another major tournament was added to the schedule at Telfer. The present schedule each year at Edwards Activity and Sports Center is as follows:

Last Saturday in April - Wisconsin State Club Team Tournament
Last Sunday in April - Wisconsin State Walking Doubles Tournament
First Weekend in May - Beloit Encore Tournament
Following Weekend - Mother's Day (No Tournament)
The following Friday, Saturday and Sunday - Team World

Other Tournaments (Held at Beloit Club Facilities)

Beloit Spring Singles - This is a continuation of the event which began at the old Goldsmith courts in the early 1980's. This draws usually between 90 and 100 players from a 400 mile radius and is a two day event. Usually held about the second weekend in June.
Southern Wisconsin Open - Mid July to Mid August. This event began on the new courts in the late 1980's. It is a popular event with about 40% of the players coming from Illinois.
Annual Doubles Tournament - (late September) This is a non-sanctioned event a continuation of the yearly tournament that began at the old Goldsmith courts in the late 1960's. This usually draws about 70 or 80 people and its run in one day. Doubles play is popular in backyards and on picnics but the real competition which is highly competitive and hard to beat for anyone who had a competitive spirit. In Team World and the State Team events the players are matched up in singles games and they play for team points. All National and International records are established in singles competition.