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A Perfect Game

Perfect games in horsehshoe pitching are very rare. A perfect game in bowling, which are becoming increasingly common, requires only 12 consecutive strikes in one game. In horseshoes, it requires a string of 20 or more consecutive ringers depending on the number of shoes pitched in a game. Each year at the NHPA Hall of Fame banquet, Walter Ray Williams Jr. of Professional Bowling fame, tho is responsible for keeping track of such things, gives out an award to each person who has pitched a perfect game during the past year. The presentation doen't take long, at most only 3 or 4 perfect games are pitched during the year nationwide. In 1992 at Telfer Park during Team World, Cathy Carter, a young lady from Council Bluffs, Iowa pitched the only perfect game at Team World, 40 consecutive ringers. Her opponent was three time world champion Dale Lipovsky. Dale had a fairly decent game, 32 out of 40, yet failed to score a point. This game will be in the records for all time. History was made at Telfer Park !!

An Award Winning Club

At the Hall of Fame Banquet of the NHPA held during the World Horseshoe Tournamnet in Kitchener, Ont. Canada in July of 1997 the Beloit Horseshoe Club was honored with a 1997 Achievement Award. This award was given for the Club's hosting and promoting the Team World Tournament which has "Grown into one of the most recongnized and regarded tournaments in the country." This was a great honor for the Beloit Club and a great boost for Team World. At the Wisconsin State Tournament in Eau Claire, WI in 1998 Earl Paulson was honored by Ken Jaeger, President of the WHPA with the President's Award for the year 1998 for his work in promoting the Team World Tournament and for being Tournament Director for many tournaments including four state tournaments.

At the Hall of Fame Banquet of the NHPA held during the World Tournament in Bismarck, ND in August of 2000, Seneca "Red" Ferguson, one of the original members and a major benefactor of the Beloit Club, was honored with a NHPA Achievement Award for the Year 2000. NHPA Vice President Paul Stewart of North Carolina cited his long time dedication to teh Beloit Horseshoe Club which enabled it to begin construction of a indoor horseshoe pitching facility.