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Beloit Horseshoe Club - Growing

Total membership in the Beloit Horseshoe Club has remained quite steady during the years it has been in existence. Each year some members are lost and some are added. Total membership has remained between 50 and 60 people.

In 1990 when the Hitchin' Post Tavern changed hand the club purchased the land where the 13 outdoors courts are located. A clubhouse was later added. THe club then purchased the remaining parcel of land just to the west. It is bounded by Newark Road, Haborn Drive and Ravine Drive. In addition to 13 outdoor courts, the club now has a 6 court indoor pitching facility.

Lady Pitchers

In the late 1980's and early 1990's the Beloit Horseshoe Club has hosted a women's league. Georgia Beebe, Barb Ramquist and Ann Van Tassel organized it and kept the stats. Some of the league members included, Barb Behling, Pam Woodard, Betty Bird, Carolyn Pollock, Tracy Pankhurst, Audrey Henderickson, Donna Grenawalt, Rondi Podschweit, Carol Brown, Lenoria Warner, Bernie Lokken, Nicole Beebe, Judy and Tracy Phoenix. In later years the women hace been mixed in with the men as they no longer have enough to continue a league of their own.

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