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22 people decided it was too cold outside so this event was held indoors at Beloit.
This tournament is decided by total team points rather than by who won each game.
After a complete round-robin of 11 teams, total of 30 points per game the first 4 winners
1st  - Ken Beebe & Skip Ramsdell          276 Points
2nd - Jesse Garza & Roger Anderson     273 Points
3rd-   Dick Perkins & Herman Robisch    273 Points  (Tie)
4th-   Dutch Rittweger & Rondi Mengelt  271 Points

The first 4 teams finished 5 points apart.  The others as follows:
Jim Huckabee & Rick Swan          256
Karen Keelin & Guy Modde          250
Mouse & Russ Burns                    235
Walt Houck & Leonard Razim       224
Tom Bird & Dave Carpenter          222
Georgia Beebe & Ann Murray       200
Dan Lessman & Kevin Brekke        191

Jeff Gustafson was unable to come due to furnace problems.   Jim Huckabee took over
and did a good job of setting up the teams.    Everyone had a good time and had plenty to
eat.  Mouse prepared a ham and we had plenty of goodies to munch on.   This event has
turned out to be a benefit for the Rock County Humane Society conducted by Georgia Beebe.